Collective #619

Inspirational Website of the Week: Next Big Thing Excellent layout explorations with very nice details. Our pick this week. Get inspired Our Sponsor The Divi Summer Sale Now it’s your chance to get a huge 20% discount on the most powerful WordPress theme in the world. Don’t miss out! Get it The Animated Web A wonderful resource site by Steve Gardner that collects animations from around the web. Check it out The Just in Case Mindset in CSS Ahmad Shadeed writes about the “just in case mindset” which aims to educate designers and developers to think ahead of time of some possible failure scenarios for a component. Read it Accessibility In Chrome DevTools This article Umar Hansa demonstrates some useful features in DevTools which can help you improve the accessibility of your website. Read it Free and open-source guides for learning Puppeteer & Playwright. Check it out Generative art by Manolo Generative artist Manolo shares all his sketches including code and generated images for free. Absolutely stunning work! Check it out #s3e34 ALL YOUR HTML, Four Icosahedron geometries A fantastic video tutorial by Yuri Artyukh on how to create four different icosahedron geometries. Watch it Custom Select Styles with Pure CSS Stephanie Eckles shows how to style native select elements with CSS only. Read it Leading-Trim: The Future of Digital Typesetting Read how an emerging CSS standard can fix old problems and raise the bar for web apps. Read it Creating 3D Illustrations with CSS Learn the process of creating 3D illustrations with CSS only. Read it Infinity Search A new search engine where you can search with privacy and efficiency. Check it out Fixing Safari’s back button browser cache issue with vanilla JS Learn how to fix a weird cache quirk in Safari in this article by Chris Ferdinandi. Read it Impossible Checkbox v2 A supercool little checkbox that will make it impossible for you to leave it checked Check it out Making Maisel Marvelous A beautiful, immersive web experience for the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel series. Check it out Single Page Applications using Rust An easy to follow guide to building SPAs using Rust, WebAssembly and Yew. Read it I Love MDN, or the cult of the free in action Peter-Paul Koch shares why he finds I Love MDN demeaning to technical writers. Also, read The cult of the free must die to understand more on the topic.…

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