Amazon Prime Day 2020: when is it and what deals can we expect

Amazon Prime Day 2020 is the next annual sales event from the retail giant. Normally taking place in July, the first Prime Day was in 2015 as a way of celebrating Amazon's 20th birthday. 

Prime Day 2019 was a little misleading last year, with an epic event running across not one but two days on the 15 and 16 July. It was the longest and best Amazon Prime Day to date. Having scoured Amazon to bring you the best Prime Day deals for artists and designers, we saw some incredible offers fly off the shelves.   

So far this year has been filled with uncertainty and Amazon Prime Day 2020 plans certainly follow suit. A recent report from The Wall Street Journal suggests Amazon Prime Day 2020 will take place in the fall, however it didn't specify a date. Rest assured we will keep you up to date with any great deals or announcements that drop over the next few weeks. In the meantime, we're we're going to share everything we know up to this point, and make some educated guesses as to what we think Prime Day 2020 holds in store for creatives. 

When is Amazon Prime Day 2020?

Like with any event right now, predicting when or even if it will happen is almost impossible. If Amazon Prime Day 2020 was to follow the event's regular pattern, our money would have been on it starting on Monday 13 July and end at midnight on Tuesday 14 July 2020.

Recent news from The Wall Street Journal, as mentioned above, suggest the event will take place some time in September, with the report saying Amazon is "taking a number of steps to return to pre-pandemic business operations, including scheduling its annual Prime Day shopping promotion for the fall."

There's been no official word from Amazon either way so this is still just speculation at this point, and the event could still be cancelled. We highly doubt that's the case, however, with our best guess being the event will take place in either the first or second week of September 2020. 

What will be the best deals on Amazon Prime Day 2020?

An article by Reuters recently it reported the decision to delay Amazon Prime Day 2020 would mean the company has a huge backlog of extra devices (approx 5 million), and so if the event does go ahead, we expect to see huge discounts across the Amazon device board. 

Last year saw a number of incredible deals for artists and designers across all manner of categories, but the most popular were hardware, creative software and art supplies. And we would expect this year to follow suit, with even better discounts. 

Items including the Microsoft Surface Pro, Apple iPad Pro, Copic Markers, Adobe Creative Cloud, memory cards and power banks all saw significant reductions, with some prices dropping to a record low. Here are details of the some of the best Prime Day deals from 2019:

What can we expect from Amazon Prime Day 2020?

If Amazon Prime Day 2020 does go ahead, we expect it to be unlike any other so far. Amazon will almost certainly push its own products and Alexa-compatible products, but depending on how the pandemic is affecting the world at the time it goes live may well inform where we see the best offers. 

In general we’d expect to see some good deals on home office equipment, garden furniture, outgoing console generation, on Windows laptops – especially high-spec ones – and on peripherals, plus the usual selection of kitchen gadgets and bits and pieces. And for creative types, we’d expect very similar deals to the ones we’ve detailed above, including even more deals on various iPad and Microsoft Surface models. 

If you can't wait around to see if Amazon Prime Day 2020 will go ahead, here are some top deals on Amazon Prime Day 2019 bestsellers right now: 

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