New Paralympics logo is cleverer than you think

The International Paralympics Committee (IPC), which organises the Paralympic Games, previously had a pretty messy identity, which many would struggle to recall. That looks set to change as North has overhauled the brand, helping it become more cohesive, energetic and more able to cope with the demands of the digital age. And just in time for Tokyo 2020, too.

First up, the Paralympics logo, the Agitos, has been refreshed. The changes are subtle, but important (and sometimes that's all it takes, as our logo design guide notes). The previous shape was being used in a variety of ways (it was apparently, sometimes even used backwards). North has redrawn the three lines to make them more symmetrical, and also tweaked the colours, so they're now in line with the blue, red and green of the Olympic rings. These small changes have a big impact: the whole thing looks a lot more purposeful. 

Small change, big difference

Based on this revised symbol, North has also created a visual system that doesn't always rely on photography. A new typeface, named New Hero, helps the energetic feel come to life across a range of brand assets.

Paralympic Committee rebrand

The new system works with a variety of assets

The new identity was announced in October 2019 and is slowly being rolled out over the next year. It applies to everything from style guidelines to the IPC's video channels. 

Paralympic Committee rebrand

North has produced some sample brand assets to show how the new identity could be used

And with all eyes on Tokyo this summer, and this striking new look for the Paralympics, it looks like this year's games will be more memorable than ever. To get you in the mood, why not check out these Olympic posters? Or if you're feeling a little more catty towards Olympic branding, then see how the Paris 2024 logo was mercilessly mocked.

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